Friday, December 19, 2008

about Joe Jonas !

he totally cute right ? haha ;p
about joe jonas :

Joseph adam jonas [mostly known as joe] was born 15th August 1989 in Casa Grade,Arizona. Born as the second oldest among his three brothers,joe was the clown of the bunch. He'd love telling jokes acting crazy/goofy. That's why his original plan before singing was different from his brother. He dreamed of becoming a comedian and wanted to audition for sketch comedy shows. Although, Joe still had a huge place in heart for music,especially rock,so when his younger brother Nick got them signed by Columbia Record,they became the Jonas Brothers. Now as the lead singer,he is 100% into the music and loves performing at shows.
He still has his comedy side and makes his fans laugh all time. Joe is an inspiration and will continue to be !

p/s : saya nak pakwe macam die boleh ? haha. i loveyou ! ;)